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Development begins for real!

Dated 11/26/2022

new update! the sidebar turns into a navbar on mobile, things are round, scroll bars, image fixed, that's it thanks for watching

Dated 11/24/2022

Hi! Welcome to curlybrace.neocities.org!

This is a personal site I've been putting off developing for a long, long while now, but I'm glad to finally get around to it. There's not much here yet, but there will be! Check my to-do list if you'd like and check back every once-in-a-while to see how things develop.
One of the planned features is a blog, of which this would count as the first post. So I'll introduce myself here!
My name's RadicalDadical, but I just go by Rad. I'm very passionate about video games and incredibly amateur internet archival.. I'm also an aspiring artist, kind of an aspiring voice actor, also kind of an aspiring game developer and several other aspired-to things that change on a monthly basis. I just chase after whatever I'm interested in and see where it takes me.
Given how much I like old internet stuff AND shameless revivals of said old internet stuff, making a NeoCities site has basically been my destiny since the day I was born.
Most of the blogposts here will revolve around stuff I'm investing myself in, learning, or unsolicited brain thoughts directly from my twisted head.
this is like showing someone around a house that's still being built. i think that's it. See you next whenever everyone